Oxfordshire-based alt-pop singer and songwriter BETSIE GØLD – wallflower, outsider. Her most recent single ‘House On Fire’ sums this otherness up perfectly. It relates to a feeling of outsiderness, being the odd-one-out, the “weird one”. If all around you are losing their minds and their senses, does this makes being the odd-one-out ok?

BETSIE GØLD has had a busy 2019. It’s seen her release her first singles – a diverse slice of pulsing pop pleasures – as well as playing a select number of shows including the main stage at Truck Festival and her first sold-out headline show at London’s Servant Jazz Quarters. BETSIE GØLD is a purveyor of what she coins ‘bitch pop’ – a term which encapsulates the powerful feeling of togetherness when performing in front of and writing with like-minded spirits.


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